Haoran Liao
Art Director
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Adidas Base_1


Adidas Base_1

[ Student Work ]

Role : Art Director |  Creative DirectorProduct Designer

In 2017 Originality started emerging in China through the form of hip-hop thanks to a popular show called The Rap of China. However, China’s most powerful media regulator known as the SAPRRFT banned all hip-hop culture for being against Chinese values. Therefor, Adidas is going to give the voice of hiphop back to China through a new device called Base1 . With Base_1, aspiring rappers will have the opportunity to practice free styling over a beat, upload their best songs, and have a chance at being featured at listening parties in Adidas locations across Shanghai. Proving that, even when censorship threatens originality, we stand with the new generation of creators.



4x SILVER | 2018 clio AWARDS

BRONZE | 2018 clio AWARDS

1st prize | 2018 New York Festivals

3RD prize | 2018 New York Festivals


5X merit | 2018 ADC STUDENT AWARDS

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